Hi I’m Joanne, a 22 year old currently living in Nigeria. I am a lawyer and I have just been called to the Nigerian Bar. I love creative writing; I am an avid reader, love fashion, human rights law (with a passion for advocating for peoples rights). I have to mention that I’m also obsessed with any crime channel on cable tv. It’s so addictive!

My love for writing is fairly new. In 2016, after obtaining my Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of Reading in the UK, my love for writing was rekindled. I decided to write about how it felt to be leaving the city I had fallen in love with. So I wrote about my feelings and nervously posted these on facebook. It received such a positive response that I also could not wait to go back to my computer to churn out more stories which I did. I hope to inspire people with my creative writing skills – whether its a poem, a life lesson,  an advice I think to share, fashion or just plain putting words on paper. So you are welcome into my space where you also get to learn Spanish:).