My Fabulous Trip to Vienna

Might be the most ethereal and cleanest city I’ve been to. Thank you google pictures!(I didn’t get to take as many pictures as I wanted to).

Vienna picture for Blog

I  got back like a month ago from a trip to Vienna with my family. It was a family wedding and also turned out to be a big old family reunion. When I found out the location of the wedding, my first reaction was; where in the world is this. I had no idea where it was other than it being in Europe. I’m usually not last minute but I was with this. I ordered all my outfits the week of the wedding. I almost forgot; applying for the Schengen visa via the Austrian Embassy from Nigeria was a long painstaking process. This story is definitely for another blog because the tea is piping hot with this one. On getting to Vienna International Airport, I immediately felt like I stood out. My stylish self wore a nice outfit to travel with but I knew that I was not getting stared at for this reason.  Would you believe that we were the only blacks walking through the airport to go reclaim our boxes and it was quite a distance. I kind of felt like a celebrity.


This was such an amazing trip and I remember how excited I was on arriving Vienna . My excitement was quickly cut short when it was time to collect the trolleys after declaring our bags. You know how you have to put in a coin to collect a trolley. I tried doing this but I wasn’t successful. So, I politely  got the attention of some airport worker and..


Excuse me please, I said. No answer. I gave him the benefit of doubt. Maybe he didn’t hear even though I was directly in front of him. I tried again, no reply. Now, I started getting impatient. This time with my loudest voice I said EXCUSE ME. He looked at me and didn’t say anything. I said please I need help with getting the trolleys. This is exactly what he said in his halting English, ‘Simple thing you can’t do, simple thing you can’t do’ with the most derogatory look ever. He hissed, worked towards the trolley , threw in the 1 euro coin I gave him and yanked out the trolley. I was a bit dumfounded. All I could say was you are being very rude to me….you don’t have to be rude about this and he just kept on repeating the same statement.

The story of My Vienna trip continues….

Thanks for reading….Gracias poor leer.



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