As free as air > Tan libre como el aire


Please let me know in the comment section if I am the only one who feels this way. It’s always nice to meet people who have similar feelings as you do. I’m one of those people who strongly dislike flying and everything involved with it. Right from waking up to catch early morning flights, plane toilets and plane food. I’ve stopped eating plane food by the way because I realise that every single time, I developed stomach cramps. Having a sensitive stomach is such an inconvenience.

Whenever I am on a flight, and I look through the windows back down at the ground, I get this feeling of exhilaration – that some how I am leaving all my troubles behind and below – and that by the time I get back everything will be sorted out – it makes no difference if it’s just a 45 minute local flight! As I look at the ground and the skies, there is also this jolting reminder or should I say confirmation that I’m so small in comparison with the magnitude and vastness of the earth. That consequently, any problem or challenge I may be experiencing is similarly quite small and I would be able to get through it eventually. The result of this is that I would look back and laugh at myself for ever thinking there was not going to be light at the end of tunnel.



I also usually get this false feeling that I am now away from everything I know; both good and bad, both happy and sad. This feeling of bliss consumes me. It’s even better when I’m flying alone and so don’t necessarily have to interact with anyone for a prolonged period of time. But of course when the plane eventually lands, it’s usually back to stark reality for me.


It may not shine right away but it always reveals itself. We would eventually look back and laugh at our silly selves for thinking that there was no way out from whatever challenge or difficulty we were facing.

Do you also have the same feelings? Thanks for reading > Gracias poor leer


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  1. Hehe. Just the opposite with flying. I’ve never had the fear of flying but always found it to be exhilarating. I do know what you mean with regards to eating the food. It can be uncomfortable and gaseous 😬🤣 I eat something before so I am not too reliant on the rations🤣🤣

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