Are your friends really your friends?> Son tus amigos realmente tus amigos ?


Hey, you reading this! You may have at least one friend or supposing you don’t have any friends, do not worry- you may not be missing out on a thing. This could be actually in your own interest as maintaining friendships can be hard especially if you both now leave in different places or are no longer the person you once were. Imagine trying to sustain a friendship with someone who does not really like you. My curiosity on this stark reality led me to a study led by researchers from MIT which examined 84 persons between the ages of 23 to 38 to rank how close they were to each other. The results showed that while 94 percent of the persons taking part in the study expected their feelings to be reciprocated, only 53 percent of them actually were. I can only imagine how awkward the room would have been if the results were not confidential lol. This study tells us that the people we see as friends may actually not be our true friends.



The reason for the above study results may be a failure on our part to understand who a friend really is. What or who is a friend? There are so many definitions but to my understanding, it is someone with whom you can be just yourself; Someone that you know would come through for you when the need arises (this is very broad). I think these two definitions help to decipher whether your “friend” is a friend. After all, most times it is someone who you are completely comfortable around that you tell your problems or secrets because you can trust them. We need to be able to understand the definition of a friend (both high maintenance and low maintenance) so we can avoid unnecessary disappointments. I am still working on this myself.



Can human beings really be true friends or is it in our nature to be selfish? I think we all have some bad attributes in us, but we equally have the choice to choose whether to be a good or bad person. So a true friend is someone that consciously chooses to be one and thereby suppresses and tries to work on the bad tendencies he or she may have.

The most important thing though is to be authentic, always be yourself and be your own best friend first.  They say like attracts like so you should be alright. If you do not love yourself, it is doubtful whether you can love another. I would love to read about your thoughts on this topic..

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8 thoughts on “Are your friends really your friends?> Son tus amigos realmente tus amigos ?

  1. We all have fake friends in the end, not all of the people you know can really be your friends. But it’s important that we know who our party friends, our shopping friends, and our best friends are.
    I like your post a lot.

  2. This was a lovely read. Well done 😊
    It hurts when the level of friendship or the degree at which you like another human being isn’t reciprocated. But then I think it’s something that we may all experience in our lives, and also do to other people.

    1. You have a point. We actually may all be guilty. We just have to be able to judge the relationship and know where we stand to avoid unnecessary hurt and disappointment . Thanks for reading !

  3. That’s an interesting topic to explore, we tend to attract the energy we give out making our thoughts even more precious. I have a handful of true friends and honestly, I enjoy it that way, keep the circle tight. Thank for sharing dear!


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