Dubai( Trip of a Lifetime)> Viaje de su vida

IMG_0019.jpgSo I finally went to Dubai this summer! I’ve always wanted to visit this beautiful city. It was a girls trip with my mum. It was one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever visited. There’s so much to do in Dubai that the days went by so fast. Before you go to Dubai, I’ll suggest that you book on trip advisor to visit the main tourist attractions so that you plan your days well and actually get time to rest because honestly some holidays leave you looking more stressed than you were before you left. Most of the hotels are either 5 stars or 4 stars so they are very spacious and comfortable. Everyone was so nice, I never felt like I was treated in a disrespectful manner. I stayed in M hotel downtown by millennium which had a stunning view of the city and was only a 5 minutes drive to Dubai mall. The hotel had a sauna, gym, spa (TOSA), swimming pool, massage parlour, bar and lounge(Lighthouse Terrace Bar and Lounge), nightclub(Live Dubai) and restaurant.  Sharon, the hotel receptionist was absolutely lovely. 

Dubai is very open and welcoming to tourist as I imagine it gets millions of tourists yearly. You can wear shorts and tops that are perfect for the weather. I understand that it was stricter years back but from what I experienced, you are free. However PDA (Public display of affection) is forbidden according to the guidelines published by the government. I know! I imagine it’s not an ideal location for those who can’t do without it lol.

While in Dubai, I went on the desert safari, visited Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, went on the Big Bus Dubai Hop-on Hop Off tour and finally the Gold Souk. The queue to visit Burj Khalifa was so long. We spent about 2 hours waiting because there were hundreds of tourists in line. I found at later that there were priority tickets which didn’t cost so much more. These allowed you to jump the queues. So definitely buy this option if you wouldn’t be able to wait for so long. The Gold Souk is a jewellery haven for jewellery lovers. Again every seller is genuine. We planned on visiting more places, but time ran out so fast and we didn’t really plan our stay before getting to Dubai. Like I said you really need to plan out your stay on trip advisor etc so you pick the days you want to explore the city.

Dubai mall is the second largest shopping mall in the world by total land area. It is literally heaven for shopping lovers like me. My mum and I always dreaded going shopping because it was a proper work out session. I don’t think we ever went around the whole mall completely. It’s just so massive. Almost every designer and high street shop is there. Just name it! There’s also a large food court in the mall because after shopping you get hungry right? Many cuisines are available there. Again so many options. That’s what Dubai offers; “limit is not in its dictionary.” 

The weather was quite hot during August which was when we visited. But I mainly wore shorts throughout my stay and to be honest this wasn’t a problem as there are air-conditioners in the shops, malls, taxis, buses etc. The best time to visit Dubai is actually during its winter months which is from November to March. It’s just a bit cooler during these months though because Dubai really has only two weathers which are hot and hotter lol. So if you’re planning a trip to Dubai go for it! The tourist visa is very easy to get and the process is simple. Ugh take me back. Gracias por leer (thanks for reading in Spanish) xx.

I was too busy living in the moment and enjoying my stay so I didn’t get to take a lot of pictures but I  posted a few below. How awkward is the camel photo. I was so scared.


IMG_0340.PNG       IMG_0169.jpg


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  1. Dubai is such a beautiful city, I actually work on dubai and I am always so amazed how something new is always being built here! Desert safaris is so fun hahah, hope you enjoyed the camel ride!
    Thanks for sharing! xx

    1. It is 😍!. I didn’t ride the camel. I just took pictures lol. I was too scared at the thought of how high I’ll be on the it. Thank you would be nice to connect when next I’m there 🙂

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