Choosing temporary discomfort over pleasure>elegir la incomodidad temporal sobre el placer


Living a life of discipline is so essential. The problem though is that it takes a whole lot of will power to be disciplined. My spiritual life last year is a quintessential example.  I started the year right. I made sure I consciously spent time with God before I carried out the rest of my activities for the day. Law school was going well for me and before I knew it , exams were fast approaching. I think if you are a christian by whatever standards, you instinctively stick to God in your toughest times and that is exactly what I did.  I promised myself that I was going to continue this way and It wasn’t just a phase because I desperately needed Him and realised that I couldn’t do it on my own. Two weeks after I fell off. I knew what I had to do to go back to Him but I wasn’t disciplined enough to read my bible everyday or put my phone away from my bed so it’s not the first activity I do when i wake up. Okay enough of me. Are you disciplined? Do you obsessively check your phone every minute when you could instead read about the field of profession you are in or are getting into.  Or do you spend your free time lost on instagram when you could read a book that could make a positive impact on your well-being, spiritual life or profession. Although there is absolutely nothing wrong in spending time on social media,  the key question is how much time are you spending? Of course watching a series when you should be studying or sleeping when you should be studying could be fun; but only for that moment. You would inevitably face the consequences – whether it’s pulling an all nighter or missing that appointment. Today and from now on, get up from bed so that you have enough time to plan your day or cultivate the habit of reading even though it may seem boring, you would benefit from it eventually.  Trust me on this! It could be exercise, yoga or meditating that helps kick-start your day. Whatever it is, stick to it and before you know it, it would become a part of you. Gracias por leer! (‘thanks for reading’ in spanish).


8 thoughts on “Choosing temporary discomfort over pleasure>elegir la incomodidad temporal sobre el placer

  1. Great Counsel! Even busyv50 something year old career women like us need to be reminded. Thanks

  2. Distraction is unfortunately everywhere. Everything you pointed out I believe we all do it. Inserting more discipline in life is definitely essential for growth. The one thing I am having a hard time with right now is exercise. Thank you for this, I could relate and it motivated me 🙂

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