My Fabulous Trip to Vienna

Might be the most ethereal and cleanest city I've been to. Thank you google pictures!(I didn't get to take as many pictures as I wanted to). I  got back like a month ago from a trip to Vienna with my family. It was a family wedding and also turned out to be a big old [...]


Beard gang; Well sort of

According to the Oxford dictionary, side burns are a side of hair grown by a man down each side of his face in front of his ears.  I was born hairy. I am hairy on my legs, hands, everywhere really. I also have side burns. Growing up, I was never really conscious about this. Going [...]

Are your friends really your friends?> Son tus amigos realmente tus amigos ?

Hey, you reading this! You may have at least one friend or supposing you don't have any friends, do not worry- you may not be missing out on a thing. This could be actually in your own interest as maintaining friendships can be hard especially if you both now leave in different places or are [...]

Good vibes>Buenas vibraciones

Hey out there! Check out my new discovery for a hangout on Lagos Island. Please read on. I travelled to Lagos, Nigeria recently and it was an enjoyable visit. I stayed in Eko Hotel and Suites, Victoria Island. My flight from Abuja, the capital of Nigeria (for my non-Nigerian readers) was delayed and so I [...]


I've been in this weird state where I have a plethora of feelings to be let out but haven't found the right medium to let it out. My week has been fairly okay. I haven’t had much to do this week in my office so I’m guessing this is one of the reasons why these [...]

Choosing temporary discomfort over pleasure>elegir la incomodidad temporal sobre el placer

Living a life of discipline is so essential. The problem though is that it takes a whole lot of will power to be disciplined. My spiritual life last year is a quintessential example.  I started the year right. I made sure I consciously spent time with God before I carried out the rest of my [...]